Monday, March 13, 2006

The Little Differences

Last night one of my roommates (she's from the UK) was talking about how surprised she was not to be tired, considering that she had been up since 5am. "I feel like the Duracell Bunny!" she exclaimed.

What? Did she say "Duracell" bunny?

I explained my surprise, and she admitted she might have gotten the two battery companies mixed up, but we asked two of our other roommates (both from the UK) what battery company advertises with the pink bunny and they both said Duracell. Then an hour or so later, just in case I hadn't gotten it through my head yet, I saw a TV commerical with an Energizer battery running a track race against--what else?--the Duracell Bunny.

Needless to say, this was one of the most serious moments of culture shock I have experienced since my arrival. I can adapt to new customs and phrases and all the usual cultural differences, but don't mess with one of America's greatest icons!

Unfortunately, after some quick research, I found that my American ethnocentricity has gotten the best of me once again. It is actually that great American icon that messed with the Duracell bunny, who was introduced (including in America) before the Energizer one. Still my American arrogance has ensured that I still prefer the Energizer one. I mean, really, which one do you like better?


emily said...

Definitely the Energizer bunny! The Duracell one looks like he needs to log some serious hours at the his workout gear is about 20 years out of date.

I wonder why these battery companies chose bunnies to represent their products in the first place???

Cynthea said...

I didn't know there was a duracell bunny. My mom got confused about the two companies too. When Ken was like 3 or something, she dressed him up as the Energizer bunny, using his blue bunny pajamas.

BUT, she made him a Duracell battery, not an Energizer one, and at the time even I didn't notice the mistake.

However, it was a very cute costume, and I hope Ken doesn't find out I'm telling people about his bunny pjs.

You know though, the copper top is much more recognizable as a battery than anything else.

Adrian said...

what! there is another battery bunny!!! life cannot be this complicated!!!

beth said...

What's up with the Duracell bunny's legs? I hope some kind of bunny surgery can fix that.

nofoodforyou said...

i like the duracell bunny more. look how eager he is- he’s even carrying the chest high battery at his side for us. he’s happy to help. i dont know whats going on in front of his shorts.

Energizer bunny looks way too dated. like the sketchy tornado shading on 80’s fashion drawings. he’s too “cool”- like an asshole jock. if he could talk he’d sound like Heathcliff the cat. i hate Heathcliff. give me a lazy sarcastic cat, not a cat with a posse.

that’s how i feel about this battery bunny. poor Duracell ad campaign. Energizer took advantage of their poor execution and brought us a cooler - or improved battery bunny.
the only thing energizer bunny has going for his that he wears flip-flops and no pants.

this makes my hungry for annie’s homegrown macaroni (or bunny mac). where the bunny icon on the box is still just happy to give us a good meal. No ego with annie’s.

Annies Bunny Mac

jen said...

The thing that's funniest, is that the Duracell Bunny actually looks like a Brit... you know, he's got that Wallace thing going on. And yeah, give me the sunglassed-Hollywood Bunny anytime! But of course, that's just my national ethnocentricity showing. BTW... of course you got sunburned - you're nearer that ozone hole. I doubt one exposure would cause too much havoc, however.

Adrian said...

So, are you ok after Larry?

teana said...

hey girl...heard about that tropical storm...was that near you? hope everything's well