Sunday, September 17, 2006

House Party

Peter and Roni are making their first trip back to the States, which is pretty exciting for two reasons. First, it's pretty convenient that they're going about a month before I do the same thing--I'm looking forward to hearing what kind of culture shock they experience, what it's like being back, etc.

Maybe more exciting is that they needed someone to look after their flat while they're gone. And who better than their cousin? It's a pretty good deal for everyone. They get me to look after the place, and I get to use their broadband connection. So I will be doing a lot of internet catch-up over the next two weeks. In between watching every back episode of the Daily Show, I'll be available for chatting (if you Americans are awake around 4am). Also, expect some pictures to show up on the blog.

God I love broadband. Even more than I love quesadillas.


Adrian said...

Mich 47 - Notre Dame 21!!


teana said...

lol @ adrian...but that's been the big news here this weekend...especially since it happened in south bend!

hope you have fun in your cousins' flat. and enjoy the broadband.

Geetha said...

Man, it is not quite the same, but I am still feeling all the Michigan love over here. It was pretty great to sign online and see everyone's away messages, and then to open up the NY Times this morning and see the news.