Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Zealand, Phase 2

Finally moving on from the "living" part of my time here and moving on to the "traveling." I finished work at the Ministry of Health last Friday, just in time to meet my parents' plane on Monday. Now we've been driving around hitting all the major tourist attractions, packing in as much as possible in their two weeks here. Hence the lack of posting.

So far we have seen beaches (black sand, golden sand, oceans, lakes), waterfalls (big, small), animals (glow worms, wetas, birds, seals, penguins), rolling hills (green, brown, tree covered, grass covered), and heaps more. Pictures coming eventually, although I possibly broke my camera today when a wave came over the side of our sailboat.

And my mom and I jumped out of a plane.

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teana said...

you guys went sky-diving? nice! i like how you just casually tossed that in like it was your average errand. lol