Sunday, July 29, 2007

Even Better Together

Two of my favourite things in the whole world are (1) New Zealand and (2) The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. So what happens when something from New Zealand makes it on to the Daily Show? Pure genius.

Maybe the best part is that I heard about this because it was one of the top stories on New Zealand's Prime News, one of three nightly newscasts in NZ. I listen to it as a podcast everyday to help deal with my homesickness (can you call it homesick when it's not really your home?), and this was the perfect example of the kind of Kiwi news reporting I miss so badly.


Jen said...

Well, this started my day off with a smile. Now was the law the top story in NZ or the Jon Stewart report skewering the law that was the top story in NZ? And is the prime minister against this law? It sounds like she was.

Geetha said...

The law has been the top story in NZ for awhile, but last night the Jon Stewart report specifically was the top story. It's always kind of a big deal with anything Kiwi gets mentioned in a major international forum.

I'm not sure what Helen Clark thought of it, but I don't think she was a fan.