Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Private School

My Stanford experience has been, to say the least, quite different from my time at the University of Michigan. Obviously the new experiences are highly diverse and cross a range of contexts, but here's a little sampler that would never have occurred on U of M grounds: On Saturday, some friends and I made dinner before the basketball game, but were running a little behind schedule. We needed to get over to Maples Pavilion in time to get seats, but what to do with those beers that weren't finished? As I guarantee also happens at Michigan (and pretty much every other college campus), we maximized time and efficiency by finishing them on the walk over to the game. The difference, however, is that open containers are completely legal here. I guess it allows for some good tailgating, but it's still very odd to me.

As further evidence that I'm living in an alternate universe, as we walked across the parking lot by the basketball arena, we cut in front of a police car, open beer bottles still in hand. Instinct told me that something was amiss. The cop told me from the window of his car, "At least you're drinking good beer!"


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

private schools or just different state laws?

Geetha said...

Definitely not a different state law here. I guess I shouldn't attribute it specifically to Stanford being a private school, but it definitely says something that they have such an interestingly different law on school grounds.