Monday, April 27, 2009

On the Bright Side

Things lately have been, shall we say, less than ideal. Yeah my new car is fun, but not as much fun as if it had been purchased out of necessity. Finding a new job is also fun (okay, that's not true at all), but once again the whole necessity thing adds a damper.

(As a side note, California residents would be doing me and the children of our fair state a personal favor if you were to vote "yes" on all propositions in the May 19th special election. I'm just saying.)

So mostly out of fear and avoidance of the real, pressing issues, I've decided to dedicate this post to one of the good things going on. Namely, that I have found evidence on my whiteboard that there are at least three students who don't hate me.


I think that R., the author of the comment above, likes me because I let her come in my room during passing period when it's cold outside and she has once again dressed for the weather she wants instead of the weather we have.


I.'s message implies that she's something other than the kind, smart, funny, interesting girl I've known since September. Is there something I should know about that would make me think otherwise?


Initially I would have taken this as a weird, purposeful spelling mistake from N., but after last week's out-of-nowhere tirade about not doing homework "and you can't make me," I suspect that really she just wanted to let me know about her affinity for shrubs.


Then there's this, another one from R., which is so amazing that I can't even think of anything facetious to say about it. Fortunately, some of my other students did not have their hearts warmed to quite the same degree, so they took charge and erased some key words. While it's undeniably true, I'm just not as moved by the statement that "Ms. L. is the teacher I've had."

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Linda said...

Bright kids always recognize a great teacher when they see one. The others, well, what can I say. In couple of years they, too, will realize that you are great teacher.

By the way, I love you, too.