Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I'm all about breaking down teacher stereotypes, like the ones that teaching is easy, that we're not very smart, that we only work until 3pm and live for summer vacation. But after Day 3 of summer vacation (Day 5 if you count the weekend), I have to say that summer vacation might be the greatest invention since breathing. Here are some things I have done so far:
-Gone to bed early
-Gone to bed late
-Woken up and gone back to sleep
-Slept until noon
-Not set an alarm
-Taken a mid-afternoon nap
-Taken a late-afternoon nap
-Gone shopping for things I actually want instead of just for things I need
-Come home from shopping and taken a nap
-Napped on the couch
-Napped in a bed
-Fallen asleep while watching a movie at night
-Fallen asleep while watching TV during the day

The best thing I've gotten to do since school ended? Not feel guilty.
All of the above are things I've done at some point during the school year, but they always take place with that horrible sense of guilt. Going to bed early means I'm skipping out on some grading/planning/saving the world I should be doing; going to bed late means I've already ruined tomorrow. But now there's nothing I should be doing and nothing happening tomorrow that could possibly ruined.

I know that year-round schooling is way better for kids and all that, but...

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teana said...

with about half of my friends being teachers, i am fully jealous of your summer vacations. then i think about all the crap they have to put up with during the school year, from students, parents and administrators, i'm not so jealous. lol. you deserve every second.

though i am jealous of the naps. oh how i miss the nap.