Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Theme from Jaws

Remember that song? The way the creepy music gets faster and faster and scarier and scarier as you feel the deadly shark approaching? I would say that this pretty accurately represents my life's soundtrack right now. And that deadly worst nightmare creeping up on my with ever increasing speed is, of course, the impending school year.

Really, it's already started. It started on Tuesday (exactly two months after we finished in June--who says we get three months off?) with three days of "New Teacher Celebration" at my new school (because saying "New Teacher Orientation" isn't bright and sunny enough). Really it started a good three weeks ago when I first met with my geometry planning partner to map out our year. At first it wasn't too bad. Planning was actually kind of fun. I wouldn't call New Teacher Celebration "fun," but it was good to meet other people and get a lot of my questions answered.

Now the Jaws Theme is picking up speed and I've been hit smack in the face with the 10,000 thing I need to plan, create, sort, arrange, write, clean, set up, photocopy, revise, update, decide, and just do before kids come on the 17th. And it doesn't help that a not small part of me feels like I should take advantage of these last days of summer by doing things like lying out by the pool and BBQing. The music speeds up and the shark approaches.

Don't get me wrong--I love teaching and can't imagine a different career. Unless I could be a professional summer vacationer.


Linda said...

So did the kids sink their teeth into you today or make you remember why you decided to go into teaching? I am betting on the latter.

SWE said...

Any chance you could fit in some hanging out with cousins between celebrations? I think Elise would like to show you her uniform. :-)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

So have they started now? That first day is always a terror for me, even now. What will they be like? What will I be like? Will we work well together? Etc., etc., etc. Hope it's a great first day!

Anonymous said...

Geetha--best wishes for your new year of teaching! I hope your students discover that their classes with you are their absolute favorites!

Cynthea said...

I want to be a professional summer vacationer! At least you get one. :P