Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Every year, my school takes all ~400 students on an overnight camping trip to kick off the year. Although I've chaperoned a lot of high school trips in my day, 400 kids plus the dustiest place on Earth made for a whole new animal. I was not prepared for how chaotic it would be or for how long I would sleep afterward (6pm-8am; yes you read that right). In general, it was not my favorite way to spend 36 hours and is not something I'd say I'm looking forward to doing again.


There was one moment that pretty much saved the trip. The big activity on Friday was the "advisory olympics," something my advisees didn't really care that much about (and honestly, I couldn't blame them for it). The culminating event in the olympics was a face-painting competition. This is something that's done every year, so I figured that other advisories would have some pretty good ideas. My freshmen, on the other hand, I was a little worried about. But instead, they came up with what I think was one of the best face painting motifs in the school. They figured out that with 17 advisees plus me, they exactly fit with each having one letter from my last name (plus Ms. at the beginning). And they arranged it with more efficiency than I've ever seen from a group of 14-15 year olds. Y. grabbed a sheet of paper and started writing down who would get each letter, E. (who's a little bit reserved) jumped in to the actual painting. When everyone was done, M. made everyone line up and walk in together in order. Even S., who never wants to do anything (and who, on the first day of school, flat out refused to join our circle) chose a letter and stood in line.

My favorite part? (Besides having 17 cute kids with my name spelled out on their faces?) The thing that they were most proud of was that they had chosen something that everyone in the advisory was a part of and that they needed everyone to make it complete. Awwwww...

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Linda said...

That sounds totally awesome. I hope someone got pictures--which I know you can't post on your blog but could perhaps send to your mother.