Monday, October 05, 2009


A: "Ms. L, you don't look like a math teacher today. You look like an English teacher."
Me: "Why? Because I'm wearing a scarf?"
A: "...yeah."


Linda said...

One of these old sayings must be meaningful here--I just don't know which one.

"The clothes make the (wo)man."

"It is not what you have on the outside but what is on the inside that matters. (So be sure to wear clean underwear.)"

Isn't it great how kids think? How do math teachers dress?

SWE said...

I had an English teacher in college who was famous for her turtlenecks and "fancy" vests. I wouldn't have thought it made her look like a kindergarten teacher except that really she covered the same content as one. (Sadly, with much less professionalism.)

Aren't we all supposed to promote reading in the content areas? I think math teachers should all wear scarves from now on. ;-)

Linda said...

Why is it that all teachers are supposed to promote reading but we rarely think that all teachers should promote math? Just a question--I have no good answer.