Sunday, March 07, 2010

Found: Note

Although most kids these days send their in-class communications via text message, there are still those hold-outs who pass notes in class. I guess it's less detrimental to get a piece of scratch paper taken away than it is your iPhone. And it's generally more entertaining for me, the teacher. I feel too guilty to go through text messages, but I definitely do not feel guilty reading whatever note they were passing.

So far I have two favorite lines from notes I've found.

Girl 1: "I can't tell if he likes me."
Girl 2: "You should talk to him."
Girl 1: "Who are you, Dr. Phil?"

Girl 1: "Guess what? Yesterday I got my geometry test and I got my first A+ and A!"

On one hand, Note #1 is way funnier (especially if you know the two girls who wrote it). On the other hand, if they're passing notes in math class, I'd much rather that they're talking about what they got on their latest tests.

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