Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Holiday

About a month ago, I got this in the mail:

Unfortunately, I did not heed the urgency of Atlas Pen & Pencil Corp's envelope and once again Pi Day has snuck up on me before I even realized it. But thanks to the nerdy blogs I read and even nerdier company I keep, next yet I will be prepared with an arsenal of Pi Day-related fun. Here, for your celebratory enjoyment:

This is so freaking cool. Is it worth the time to cut out all those apple and pie crust slices? Probably.

Thanks to this useful allocation of government time and money, I now know what "squaring the circle" means. Dear State of Indiana: do not try to legislate mathematics because it is above the law. Or, more accurately, mathematics is the law.

My students were super-excited that they are going to graduate in very important year, Pi Day-speaking. For the only time in any of their lives, it is their senior year of high school when we will get to have a completely legitimate Pi Day on 3.14.15. Some were more excited than maybe they should have been.

Finally, in case you forgot to celebrate today, fear not. There are many more mathematical holidays yet to be turned into Hallmark occasions and/or crappy math lessons. Some seem to be taken a little more seriously than others.

Happy 'Sorry Your Math Teacher Didn't Serve You Baked Goods (Mostly Because She Wants You To Learn The Correct Spelling Of The Greek Letter)' Day!

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