Monday, May 14, 2012

Super Cute

One of my favorite things about my school is that we have spirit day every Friday. Last week, each mentor group got to choose their own theme. Usually my mentor group (thorough all fault of my own) lacks spirit when it comes to this sort of thing, but this time they were all in. (Maybe because they know that spirit days are one of my favorite things ever?) We voted on a superhero theme, so E. bought masks for everyone and I brought in felt and markers so we could make L's to pin on capes and shirts. Look at how adorable they are! We were by far the most spirited, most awesome mentor group of the day (sorry "Jeans and a white t-shirt" group). 

My favorite part was how much they got into it making the costumes. Multiple kids commented that it was our most focused, most productive mentor time in three years. I do not disagree.  As soon as E. passed out the masks, everyone put them on and got to work. 

And then they stayed in costume. Even superheroes have to take tests.  (Another teacher snapped this for me from our office window).