Sunday, February 05, 2006

Countdown: 1 Week

Time is sure sneaking up on me. I keep thinking I have all this time left before I leave, and now all of a sudden tomorrow is my last Monday in the United States (for awhile, at least). Right now I am feeling pretty good about being able to get everything done, but on the other hand, feeling like I am on track makes me think I'm forgetting something.

Major goals for this week:

  • Move my stuff out of the condo and back to my parents' house
  • Pack, pack, pack
  • Finish reading all of my Australia travel guides
  • Wear my favorite clothes/shoes/purses that I can't take with me
  • See everyone I want to see before I leave
  • Eat at the following restaurants: NYPD, Stucchi's, Madras Masala, Gourmet Garden

Can I do it?

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