Sunday, February 12, 2006

Thank God for Email

My plane leaves in just a few hours, and yes, I am nervous. My stomach has been churning since I woke up at 7am and couldn't fall back asleep. The good news is that it is currently 70 degrees in Sydney--a fabulous contrast the wind and snow outside my window right now. Too bad it will be a 26-hour trip until I get there.

It has been a packed and difficult week. Since last Saturday, almost everyday has involved a goodbye. It's not very often that in the course of a week I get to see or talk to pretty much every important person in my life. I wanted to wait more than four entries to get sappy and philosophical, but this week has really made me think about the people in my life and how lucky I am to be surrounded by such wonderful people. What I'm most nervous about at this point--more so than packing or finding a job or being able to sleep on the plane--is not having these people so easily accessible all the time. The good times are the Thursday TV nights or gourmet cereal and soup dinners with my parents or the email/chat sessions that last the entire day. Not as easy when I'm halfway around the world. Hence the title of this post: Thank God for Email.

So here's what you've been waiting for: the pictures from last night's going away party. Many, many thanks to everyone who came and called. It was exactly what I wanted.

This was the only appropriate picture of Maggie and Jenny. Aren't they hot? (guess which caption is by Jenny)

I am sad that Beto is not in this picture :(

Charlene and Rica: your job is to keep me informed of the TV goings on.

Here I am with my bodyguards.

Burt, I fully expect you to keep DVRing your cartoons, and Chris I expect you to keep doing the dishes because Burt won't.

Depression sets in that I am leaving: Scurvy drowns his sorrows in a dirty martini.

My next post will be from Australia!

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Adrian said...

too bad I missed the party....

good luck down under, we are waiting for more blogs to read.