Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kiwi Country

Well, I've made it over "the ditch" and have arrived safely in Auckland. Despite the fact that it's about 10 degrees (Farenheit) colder here than it was in Australia, I'm glad to be here. I remember falling in love with this country when I was here in '97, and as soon as I got here I felt that love again. Even the descent into Auckland was breathtaking, complete with rolling hills, crashing waves, and lush greenery. Everything is beautiful, and I love the general feel of the atmosphere. So far my favorite thing about Auckland is definitely the diversity. Walking down the street, the majority of the people are non-white, and there are countless ethnicities represented. There are tons of East Asians, a susprising number of Indians, and more Pacific Islanders than I have ever seen in my life. I'm pretty sure I've seen more Africans in my three days here than I did in my entire time in Australia. I'm definitely feeling a little more at home.

Although I of course want to see everything there is to see in New Zealand (much more feasible here than it was in Australia), I've decided that I'm going to settle down first and work for awhile. This will be good for a couple of reasons. First of all, I'm pretty sick of traveling. I'm ready to unpack my bag, make some long-term friends and actually live somewhere. Second, staying in the same place for awhile is decidedly cheaper than moving around nonstop. Hopefully a steady job will help me save up some money so that by the time I am refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to travel again, I'll actually have the funds to do so. Finally, my plan coincides pretty well with the seasons. It's fall/winter here now, so working for six months or so will mean that I'll start my travels right when the weather gets warm enough for the kinds of activities I'm interested in (hiking, swimming, boating, etc.--pretty much anything that does not involve snow or cold).

My resume is out to employers, so hopefully I should hear something soon and I can start in on becoming a temporary Kiwi.


esl said...

Good luck!

Adrian said...

working is SO overrated!!! good luck with that one.

teana said...

good luck geetha!