Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Paradise Found

Just a quick post... greetings from Vanuatu!

My friend Candida and I arrived here Saturday afternoon, and although it is a short trip (we are leaving early tomorrow morning), we have already done heaps, including (n no particular order):

-Snorkeling on a couple coral reefs
-Trying kava and not feeling anything
-Visiting a bunch of Survivor filming locations
-Sunning ourselves
-Fending off gigantic bugs (but luckily no centipedes)
-Meeting interesting Ni-Vanuatu folks
-Trying kava again and this time getting sick (but still not feeling anything)
-Eating delicious fresh papaya, jackfruit, mangoes, passion fruit, bananas, etc.
-Eating flying fox AKA fruit bat

Today we are going swimming in some waterfalls. More on all of this later, of course, and with pictures. The flying fox looks only slightly less appetizing than it actually is.

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