Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Flat Flat Flat Flat... Mountains!

Western Nebraska and Eastern Colorado are boring. Flat and boring. Once you get past the birthplace of Kool Aid, there really isn't much worth seeing. Just a lot of flat and farmland.

Then, all of a sudden out of nowhere are mountains. (Sorry for the blurry picture; it's hard to get good shots when you're driving.) (Don't worry, Mom, I'm driving safely.)

I spent the afternoon hanging out in downtown Denver waiting for my friend Sarah to finish work. Even though I was only there briefly, I decided I liked Denver. It had a very laid back feeling without being pretentiously "alternative."

Going out to Sarah's place in Evergreen was even better. I can't believe that this is her commute everyday.

But the commute doesn't even compare to what she comes home to.

Yes, the Denver area was a nice rest stop.

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