Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh Yeaahh!

The leg from Lincoln to Denver was supposed to be the longest, so I had to find some way to break up the long drive. But what to choose? The World's Largest Covered Wagon? The "Golden Spike"? The Sod Museum featuring the World's Largest Plow? All definite possibilities to be sure, but after weighing the options, I decided a 20 minute detour to Hastings, Nebraska offered the most bang for my buck.

Hastings, Nebraska is none other than the birthplace of Kool Aid. So of course the Hastings Museum features the greatest exhibit ever created (at least until I get to the museum with the shoes made from the skin of an executed killer--that's tomorrow), entitled "Kool Aid: Discover the Dream."

And discover the dream I did. Honestly, it was a really well done exhibit and I learned more than I ever could have imagined about Kool Aid and its history. If it weren't for the time crunch, I might have actually spent more than 15 minutes there.

It was totally worth it if for no other reason than to take my picture with a life sized Kool Aid Man. I was so pumped up from the experience that I was going to leave the museum by punching through a brick wall, but I figured they probably get a little sick of that.

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