Thursday, February 21, 2008

Best Year Ever

It's pretty disappointing that I'm only at Stanford for one year. I really love it here and I hate that in June I'll no longer be a student here. It's hard to take advantage of all the traditions, etc. in only 12 months. However, I also feel fortunate that the 2007-2008 school year ended up being my year of choice. Stanford won Big Game, our basketball team is ranked in the top 10, and now they just announced a commencement speaker who overcompensates for the fact that I missed Bill Clinton at Michigan last year.

So maybe my friend Andrew (quoted in the article) isn't too excited, but other reactions from my friends have been sufficiently appreciative:
"I think that just bringing couches to jump on while proclaiming our collective love for Katie Holmes might be fitting."
"Oh, and you think she'll hook us up with Jobs in her school in South Africa?"

If nothing else, it's pretty much guaranteed to be better than the Oprah Show taping I saw that was all about people who are addicted to plastic surgery. Or maybe that'll be the topic of her commencement speech. Hard to say.


Linda said...

I just learned about Oprah at your commencement. Do your parents get to see her, too? Maybe a sister or a cousin or two as well?? How very exciting for one and all. You did pick an exciting year to go to Stanford.
I will try to jump on my chair and scream "I really love her" or something like that just to make your friend happy, if you think that would help.

Geetha said...

Surprisingly, there are no tickets and therefore no limits on the number of guests I can bring. Everybody gets to see Oprah! You get to see Oprah! You get to see Oprah! You get to see Oprah!