Friday, February 15, 2008

End the Trend

Obviously there is a generational gap between me and my students, so of course there are things they do that I just don't understand. I try not to judge because really what's to say that their music is better than mine or their slang makes more sense than what I grew up with? However, trying not to judge just isn't enough when I see some of the stupid stuff they wear. Here are some of the top fashion trends that are long past their prime.

3. Sweatpants over jeans. This is a female thing, and I don't get it. I understand wearing sweatpants over, say, shorts because it might be too cold to wear shorts. Sweatpants over something indicates to me that you're planning to change later, probably for sports. But jeans? Are jeans too formal for school that you need to dress them down by covering them with sweatpants? And don't they get hot?

2. Tags left on your clothes. Okay, I get it. You spent a ton of money for your Sean John hoodie and your RocaWear cap. You didn't buy fakes and you want everyone to be clear on your disposable income level. But leaving the tags dangling off your pants and the stickers still on your cap? It looks like (1) you forgot to cut the tags off or (2) you're planning to return your clothes at the end of the day. And maybe you are. That's cool too, but I wouldn't go advertising it.

1. Grills. This is one that I really really want to let slide. I understand that kids do/wear stupid things that they will later look back on shamefully (and what fits more squarely in that category than fake gold teeth?). I sympathize; I wore slap bracelets and flannel (not at the same time, of course--that would've been unfashionable). But what I can't handle is the way the kids treat their grills like retainers. They play with them with their tongues, pushing them around their mouths. And even worse is when kids take them out and "store" their grills behind their ears. Really, you're hanging something over your ear and then putting it back in your mouth? Gross. And unattractive.

Sorry kids, youthful innocence has its limits.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

And the pants falling down and showing the boxers thing was so attractive.

The grills behind the ears may just win, though.

Roni said...

You should find a clean retainer and wear it behind your ear one day. Just walk down the hall and see how many kids notice...ha!

If it makes you feel any better mullets, spandex leggings under denim mini-skirts, and turquoise flat shoes are still all the rage down here. Some things are truly left for dead.

Teana said...

i miss slap bracelets! i always wondered who were those kids that managed to slash their wrists with them. though you can't forget about the jeans with the zipper and the little bows on the back of the legs! those were HOT. lol.

anywho, i don't understand boys wearing skinny leg jeans and then sagging them. what's the point? and don't they all realize just how silly they look when they have to hold their jeans and waddle like a penguin when they run?