Friday, April 25, 2008

Rememberance (of sorts)

Kiwi food is interesting. Some is good, and some is very British (take that as you will). Nonetheless, I miss it dearly (BTW, if someone can find me lolly cake in the US, I will pay you a not insignificant sum of money). I knew that this would happen, so I left New Zealand armed with the Edmond's cookbook, the quintessential Kiwi cookbook.

Unfortunately I've done a pretty bad job of doing much cooking at all this year, let alone cooking from Edmond's. But I couldn't pass up April 25th without digging it off my bookshelf and whipping up some ANZAC biscuits. So delicious.

My makeshift Godzone kitchen. Unfortunately I had to settle for "all-purpose" instead of "standard" flour, and "shredded" coconut instead of "dessicated." But note the electric kettle and coffee plunger in the background--I feel so Kiwi.

Into the oven

The finished product, of course with the Edmond's cookbook.

Oh, and I also paid homage to those lost at Gallipoli and in the nearly 100 years since. Much love to the ANZACs. And to the biscuits baked in their name.


Linda said...

They look delicious. See--you really can cook. I knew it all along.

Peter said...

I've been slacking on reading your blog of late as we've been busy tooling around the land of the long white cloud with Roni's folks.

Anyway, good on you for remembering the ANZACs.

When are you finished up there so you can move back down here and start teaching? ;-)