Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shoo In

I had my first job interview today. This was an extra-scary one, too, because it was with the whole math department. More importantly, I can't remember ever applying for something that I want so badly. The stakes were high, and I was so nervous I haven't been able to sleep for two days.

I was ill-prepared from the start. I got home from school today with only 15 minutes before I had to leave, so was completely flustered and smelled like school. I didn't have any samples of my or my students' work nor could I think of a single story to represent my teaching skills. I even had an outdated resume that failed to mention a prestigious fellowship because my computer is broken and I didn't have time to get to the computer lab. If someone had offered me a bet that I would vomit sometime during the car ride and/or interview, I would have placed a not insignificant amount of money on that wager.

Then the interview began. One of the first things out of my mouth was accusing one of the teachers (whom I had only met a few minutes before) of smoking pot. Then I pulled out an Equations game to reveal the true extent of my geekiness while simultaneously insulting the math skills of another teacher ("That's your solution? My kids would kill you."). I implied that the amazing conversations their students produce are just the kids' way of playing the teachers' game. It is entirely possible that I had poppyseeds stuck in my teeth.

They said they'll be in touch.


SWE said...

Aw bummer. :( Maybe it wasn't as bad as you thought? And they've seen you teach, right? I'm holding out hope. Hang in there. :)

Linda said...

Aw bummer is right, but I, too, am holding out hope. It always looks worse to the interviewee than to the interviewer. (Unless, of course, the interviewee is an over-confident, self-absorbed jerk, which you are not.)
Hang in there.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

There's something I learned over many interviews - if you don't get the job, it probably wasn't a good match for you. Even if you desperately want it at this moment. Huge hugs and hang in! Whatever math department snatches you up is going to be very, very lucky.

Credit said...

If you showed the entire math department a game of Equations, and not one of them picked up on what an awesome teaching tool it is, than you probably didn't want to go there.
Remember that before he came to UofM, Layman was at Stanford. Somewhere in the bay area the seeds of EQ and WFF were born.

Roni said...

Wanna see my "Rejection" file? It's impressive. I still hate that feeling that things just went to pot and you didn't have any control over it. But that's the job application cycle, I guess. At least that's what I've been told is responsible for my "Rejection" file.

Things work out, though. This is the time of year when job openings abound. Keep your head up and your schedule full of calls and interviews. You'll land where you need to be. :) If all else fails I'm seeing a lot of openings for Math teachers in New Zealand right now.