Sunday, November 02, 2008

San Franciscans: R Crazy

I'm glad I'm not voting in San Francisco. I would be seriously annoyed if I felt like someone thought I should spend any time even considering Proposal R. On the other hand, it is totally worth your time to read the arguments. One would think that the haiku alone would be enough to convince voters, but I guess they really needed five printed pages worth of "information."

To quote one of my native-born San Franciscan friends, "I think that if other people knew what goes on here, they'd expel us from the country."


Linda said...

That seems like some big joke and, yes, a waste of taxpayer time and money. Of course the fact that they get up to Prop R is scary in and of itself.

Gotta love those crazy Californians.

Roni said...

Who said you can't vote and have fun at the same time?

Good on 'em for using the process to make a political statement. Voices are voices, and people are out pounding the pavement to get the thing put on the ballot. Any involvement in the process is good in a nation that averaged less than 70% voter turnout in the last general election.

Credit said...

I love the fact that the putridness of George W Bush is a given in the arguements of both sides of this issue.

Liam said...

Hah, Geetha, neither argument is impressive. In fact, both are bloody terrible. I hope you're impressed with Obama's win, at least.

Much love,