Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Disappointed; Still Hopeful

I don't know much about this Arne Duncan guy (and there are certain people who I'm very thankful that's not). But when I heard the announcement that the new Secretary of Education is someone other than Linda Darling-Hammond, I felt like someone had punched me in the face. It actually felt like a personal insult. I got that feeling you get when someone breaks up with you. What's wrong with me?

As cheesy as it sounds, this is the first time I've actually believed in and trusted the people (okay, maybe just person so far) in power, so it feels that much worse to be let down. Is every bad decision Obama makes over the next four (eight?) years going to affect me so personally? Is he going to shatter any faith I have in public servants if he's anything less than perfect (which he obviously will be). It's like the fairy tale is coming to life, but now the reality sets in. President-elect Obama, please don't break my heart.


Security Retentive said...

I'm confused. Since you don't know much about Arne Duncan, how can you say its a bad choice?

Geetha said...

Right now my primary beef with Arne Duncan is that he's not Linda Darling-Hammond. I had gotten my hopes up for her specifically and now have been let down. I was just surprised at how strongly I reacted to it.

SWE said...

I hear you on disappointment. That said, Duncan isn't a bad choice. The great thing about education is that nobody is ever going to agree on much anyway, so might as well let Duncan take the heat for the first little bit.

So, I'm not ready to throw my shoes yet. :-)