Monday, January 19, 2009

NY Times, You're Brilliant

I think we already know my affection for Wordles (or word clouds, as they are sometimes called in non-name brand parlance), and many people might be familiar with my penchant for US presidential history and trivia. So when I opened up this morning, I almost choked on my huevos rancheros (Sarah and I make delicious breakfasts on weekends).

Here it is, an interactive feature that appears to have been designed just for me.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

That is incredibly cool!!!

Roni said...

I agree. It turns out that he's mentioned women in his speech more than his predecessors, which is a good sign for everyone.

if you liked the NY Times article, you'll probably love this BBC article. They've put the speech's text into a more traditional Wordle cloud. Way cool and in colour!

Hope you had a floating-on-clouds sort of day. I know that I did.

Linda said...

The site is incredibly cool. I sent it out to all the teachers here in hopes that they will share it with their class. Thanks for sharing it. I liked looking at other presidents and comparing the eras from which they spoke and what words were important. I agree with Roni that it would have been cool to have it in color, but I liked the time line effect.

I hope you actually got to watch the inauguration. We had the whole school come to the library and watch it. Pretty impressive, n'est ce pas?