Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome to the F.C.

Don't worry, the moving disaster was not all for naught. The apartment is now fully furnished, almost unpacked, and a little bit decorated. More importantly, we live in the most ridiculous/awesome city in the country (save Celebration, Florida, of course). Dear readers, I present to you Foster City, California.

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As you can see, something about this map looks a little different from most other cities. That's because it is. Our fair community was quite literally built from nothing. I encourage you to read this awesome official history, but to make a long story short the city was built in the 1970's on land reclaimed from the Bay. So we are a 100% planned community.

Now you may be thinking (1) that sounds creepy and unnatural, (2) we'll be the first to go when the ice caps are done melting and (3) this doesn't sound like a very rollicking place for two twentysomething women. And you're completely correct on all accounts. But there's still something about the suburban cheesiness of it all that I kind of love.

This is an interactive blog post, so go do some exploring on the Google Map. Have you found the fish neighborhood yet? The constellation district? The island streets that are not on islands? Come on, don't you kind of wish you lived on Shooting Star Isle or Polynesia Circle? That you could frolic in Sea Cloud Park? Wouldn't you love it if your city hall and library were on Shell Boulevard? Aren't you daydreaming about taking your boat from Flying Mist Isle over to visit your friends on Lido Lane?

If you really want to turn green with envy, I can mention the dog park (right next to one of at least three Starbucks (not counting the ones inside Safeway and Target)) and the light-up sign I drive past ever day that advertises things like "Adult Social Dance" and "Congratulation boys U-10 soccer team!" It's pretty much darling. Then there's the FCTV and my personal favorite, the Penninsula Jewish Community Center. Why do I love the PJCC so much? Because where else could I take my favorite little cousin to "Latkepalooza"? (more on that when I post about how we spent our holidays)

Then there are the less cheesy things, like having green space and parks every few blocks and grocery stores within walking distance. I especially love the waterways. I love that I cross 1-2 bridges every time I go anywhere (we live in the sailboat district, by the way, and whenever we go to Ranch 99 I wonder what a ketch and a yawl are). I love that we can walk to waterfront restaurants. I love that this is a regular sight for me:

As for the rollicking good time for twentysomethings, there's always the two FC hotspots: Chevy's and the Clubhouse Bistro inside the Crowne Plaza. It's pretty much like living in San Francisco.


Jaya said...

Much of Boston is on reclaimed land too--the church I attend is built atop the big garbage dump (seriously--it's mostly oyster shells) that is Beaacon Hill. Also much of Hong Kong and the Netherlands used to be underwater, so Foster City is in pretty good--and classy--company.

SWE said...

Wow! Chevys!!!!! It's a wonder you get any work done. Or is there something you're not telling us?