Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday America

When I went back to Michigan in June, my very wonderful, very Californian roommate requested that I bring back something that represents Middle America. I don't like to brag, but if there were a rubric for awesome gifts from the midwest, I would be in the "exceeds standard" column.

It all started when we were in Lowell, MI. That should give you an appropriate context (even if you have never heard of Lowell--my point exactly). On the day we were setting up for Maggie's wedding we had to run out to get some clips for the tablecloths. And where would one go in West Michigan for any and all shopping needs? Obviously Meijer (a place I very dearly and non-ironically miss since leaving Michigan). While Jenny and Emily went to find the things we'd actually come for, Becky and I scouted out potential middle America gifts.

And there in the women's clothing section we say a display shining like a beacon of freedom. $4.99 patriotic tees! So many slogans! So much red! So much white! So much blue! SO much camouflage! It was a veritable wonderland of everything that is right with America. I carefully selected two to bring back to California. Sarah and I of course modeled them at the Cupertino fireworks on the 4th of July.

[In case the picture is too small to read, the wolf tee says "Protect the American Way". The kittens are "American Heart & Soul." So pretty.]

My only regret: I did not purchase the t-shirt that featured a potted plant on a windowsill and the caption "Butterflies - An American Tradition." I will probably spend the rest of my life searching for it.

Happy birthday, USA.


teana said...

you know, i miss meijer too and i'm always way to happy to go shop there for random food items whenever i'm back in michigan. though this last time i was saddened and perplexed at the lack of cheese selection at the meijer in flint. though maybe because it was flint.

Linda said...

Hmmmm.... And when you lived here you wouldn't be caught dead wearing Meijer originals, made in China or another nation of the region, of course. Because that IS the American way.