Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Got back from Ecuador late Saturday night and have spent most of the last two days dealing with my pictures. Anyone want to place a bet on how many I took? Two categories: (1) How many pictures did I take overall? (2) How many pictures were left after deleting the bad ones? The winner in each category gets a giant tortoise or exotic sea bird of his or her choosing.

In short, the Galapagos adventure was unreal. Exceeded expectations by all measures. Nowhere will ever be better than New Zealand, but this ran a very close second.

Pictures are coming soon, but given how many I took (seriously, place your bets) it might be a slow process. But here is a teaser from the Equator.


teana said...

hmm, 1500? i'm sure you had more than 1 sd card!

susan said...

Glad you got to see the water deal on the REAL equator. Did you get an egg to balance, too? Did your bus triple pass another bus on the way to Otovalo? I thought I wasn't going to live to see the next day. Can't believe you actually ate guinea pig. Are you sure it wasn't rat? They do cook/sell rat and pass it off as guinea pig...Katie honed her skills so she could tell the difference. I say 1238 actual photos and 1237 after you deleted the blurry ones. Ha. No, really, I think you'll have 763 when all is said and done. Glad you had a memorable experience....I always did. Sideways,SueT(aka Sue Doud)

AP said...