Monday, August 02, 2010

Delicious Things and Not-So-Delicious Things

It took a REALLY long time to upload, sort, edit, caption, etc. all 1023 photos from Ecuador (and that's after deleting about 100 on the plane ride home). But finally I'm getting to a place where I can post them.

Let's start with the most important: food and drink. We learned from a fellow traveler who lives in Japan that most Japanese vacation photos are pictures of food. I do not have 1023 pictures of food (we ate a lot, but not THAT much), but I do have enough to make an album.

The highlights:
-Humitas, a delicious corn paste steamed in the husk. Kind of like tamale dough, but sweeter and fluffier. So delicious.
-Cuy AKA guinea pig. We had a hard time finding it in Quito, but finally found a very marketed-to-tourists place where we were able to successfully indulge. Given my penchant for eating strange animals, this was kind of a must-do activity. Analysis: it was so fried that it's hard to know what it actually tasted like. There was also so little meat that it was hard to know what it actually tasted like. I am fine with this.
-Kallari chocolates, which may indeed be the best chocolate in the world.

Enjoy album #1. More to come.

(Click on the slide show for access to the album and corresponding captions)

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