Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Equator?

So here's the thing about the Equator in Ecuador: nobody really seems to know where it is. But they do know that all the places it's claimed to be are wrong. The giant monument at "La Ciudad Mitad del Mundo" is off the mark, supposedly, but still claims to have picked the right spot. (A postcard I obviously purchased says that if you visit on the equinox you'll have no shadow at noon, which PROVES that this is the rightful equator). A few blocks away, the Inti-Nan museum claims the equator title because it's "Proved by GPS." The sign failed to mention our guide's note that if you used a commercial GPS there, it won't actually show 0 degrees. At least Inti-Nan had the cheesy "science" experiments as proof. Lonely Planet swears they're both off.

Personally, I'm okay with the falsification of latitude so long as it enables me to take amazing photos that engender jealousy in all who view them. So, check.

(As always, click on the slide show for access to the album and corresponding captions)

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