Monday, November 05, 2012

Election Wisdom

Today at lunch, one of my students was trying to convince me to vote for Romney.

N.'s reasoning: "He has such a cool name! I mean 'President Romney'? Doesn't that sound cool?"
Me: "You mean 'President Obama' doesn't sound cool?
N: "And look at his hair. Romney has such good hair."
Me: "I don't think good hair is an indication that someone will be a good president."
N: "All the good presidents have had good hair and all have been Republican. Well, except Abraham Lincoln. His hair was scraggly. But look at Reagan! Look at George Washington! He had that weird ponytail thing."
Me: "Washington wasn't a Republican."
N: "All I'm saying is that Romney would be a good president because good hair makes you a good president."
H (another student who has been silently shaking his head in the corner): "Good hair doesn't make you a good president. Good hair just makes you a Republican."

The real question is: how many registered voters will be casting their ballots for the exact same reasons N. gave me?


Jaya said...

I seem to remember that President Eisenhower--a Republican--had no hair.

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