Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thoughts from Ann Arbor

In no particular order:

"There is a lot of neon along I-94."
"This grocery store has so many preservatives."
"Since when did girls wear tube dresses to Charley's? In my day we saved 'dressing up' for Rick's."
"Do I pick up a Michigan accent when I'm back here?"
"I'm glad I went to college in the era when dressing up meant black pants and a tank top."
"Is that a typo or is beer really that cheap?"
"Since when did Really Hot Guy From High School become Super Hot Guy From Wharton?"
"There are a lot of white people here."
"French fries and ranch: a trend that should spread west."
"No, really. I can count 26 people from where I'm standing and three are not white."
"Conor O'Neils: still undeserving of its prime spot on Main Street."
"NYPD pizza: still amazing."
"If I had to guess, I'd predict that NYPD chicken rolls are less delicious prior to 3am. Good thing I will probably never find out."
"Michiganders really do drive better than Californians."
"Was 30 degrees always this cold?"
"I miss mile marker signs on the freeways."

"So many people in crew neck sweatshirts, mom jeans and sneakers. Male and female."
"So many strip malls."
"Pizza and ranch: also worth spreading."
"Freeways here are dark. And have very few lanes."
"I picked good friends in high school and college. Still blows me away."
"There are a lot of billboards on I-94 for injury lawyers,"


Anonymous said...

Pizza and ranch. mmmm. This west-coaster learned that one in college. Who says that tuition dollars don't buy you anything worthwhile?

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