Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Decider

My last post was probably a little unfair, because I had already pretty much decided which class I was going to take before I asked for advice. But I figured that if anyone found something amazing, I could audit something.

So here was my deciding process flow chart/checklist, in order of importance:
-Is the class offered on Monday and/or Tuesday afternoons? (I decided to eliminate Fridays because that's my nap time.)
-Is the class something I've been interested in on multiple levels?
-Will I have to take a final exam?
-Will I have to take any exams?
-Will I have to write papers? If so, will any require original research?
-Will the amount of time spent on homework be greater than 2 hours per week?
-Will the majority of my classmates be over age 20?
-Will this class make me a better teacher?

Pretty much the only class that fits all this criteria is the directed reading that will be taught by my Math Curriculum & Instruction instructor. The official title is "Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Urban Contexts." Yes, it's pretty much the class I would invent if I could invent a class. And it's taught by one of my favorite people ever. Sorry that I didn't use your advice.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

That sounds like a wonderful class, though... especially if you're interested in teaching math. ;-)

Jaya said...

That's okay. I figured you didn't really want to take medieval iconography anyway.

Linda said...

I would have gone for medieval iconography, but then I don't want to teach math. Actually, it sounds like a fascinating class and it will make you an even better teacher, if such a thing is possible.