Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wilderness Girls

I've done my share of camping over the years, but I definitely don't consider myself a "camper" per se. Yet somehow I ended up as one of the more experienced campers on this trip. I have to say, I was pretty proud of use four city girls not only making our way in the woods for four days, but doing a pretty darn good job with it. Not only were there no disasters, we even had some pretty gourmet food. Nice job, ladies.

By the time the tent was set up, there was only piece we didn't know how to use:

We discovered that one of Sarah's multiple intelligences is setting fires:

Unfortunately, Sarah is not as skilled at judging water depth:

As I mentioned, camping did not keep us from delicious meals. Yes, that bread is toasting.

"We just wanted to prove that we're real wilderness girls?"
"Well who ever said you weren't?"
(Name that movie, win a prize)

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Jaya said...

Don't tell me you can still recite *Troop Beverly Hills* by heart.

What's the prize?