Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sixth Man

Sometimes I feel like my life is consumed by STEP, teaching, kids, and grad school. And by "sometimes" I mean "all the time." I was warned by previous STEPpies that in order to survive, you have have to make time for things outside of STEP. For me, there have been two lifesavers: Project Runway and Stanford basketball. Both give me an opportunity to get away from STEP, hang out with the people I love in a non-STEP related context, and just relax. Since I don't have pictures of Project Runway (and pictures of people watching TV wouldn't really be that great), here are a few of my favorites from last weekend's basketball game against Washington State. It was the last home game of the season, so we went a little more all out than usual.

Since it was a 1pm game, it was only natural to begin the day with homemade brunch. Along with being good teachers, STEPpies know how to cook.

Mountain of pancakes

Almond puff pastry (this was my contribution--I'm kind of proud)

The full spread

As I said, we went all out for the game. I was a little disappointed in the other fans when I saw that we were some of the only people with face paint, but, as I tell my students, you can't control what other people do so you have to think about your own actions first.

Is there a correlation between the fact that Kevin, the only elementary school teacher, was also the best face painter?

Sarah and I doing out best Brook Lopez poses. How do we compare to the real thing?

And a couple shots of the actual court:

The boys warming up

The boys in action

The ridiculous trees and "dollies" who "perform" during the time outs.

The old people's section is like looking into a crystal ball. These are the alumni we'll be in 20-30 years.

Finally, love from the Sixth-Man STEP crew. Definitely a source of sanity (or insanity?) from November through March.

With the Pac-10 Tournament this weekend and the NCAA tournament just around the corner, my only hope is that Stanford basketball doesn't turn out to be so disastrously disappointing as Project Runway was.


Jaya said...

What the heck is that mascot?

Roni said...

I remember encountering a "tree" in Atlanta, Georgia at a women's NCAA tournament. The University of Montana ladies basketball team had actually made it to the playoffs and I was in the pep band that got to follow them to Georgia. We were paired against Stanford (of course we lost).

Our Griz mascot was a dancer and had pretty good moves out on the court; their tree bobbed up and down in the stands. I must confess, I think that the crowd appreciated our band's total funk/polka song list. Stanford's marches/pop charts didn't go over so well.

I did think it was pretty cool, though, that you guys had a non-animal mascot. Not many sports programs have those.

Teana said...

i love the stanford tree! i don't know why but it has always been awesome to me.

though i am more disturbed by the fact that march is almost over and the ncaa hasn't even started yet. so much for "march" madness. this is messing up my sports schedule!

Jaya said...

I guess the Pioneer Covered Wagon counts as "non-animal."